Homescaper is an Oregon landscape design firm with a focus on do-it-your landscapers.  We offer the following services:


Landscape Design --

Our landscape design company specializes in DIY landscaping.  We'll create a landscape plan for your home, then develop a step-by-step guide to help you through the installation process.  We’ll show you how to phase the landscape design for your garden to meet your budget and timeline.  We’ll refer you to vendors for materials and skilled contractors to do the work that you don’t want to.  Visit Homescaper's Landscape Design Process to learn more.zava front entry thumbnail

Plant Procurement --

When you are ready to have plants delivered to your landscape, Homescaper will serve as your personal plant shopper. We’ll handpick top quality plants from the best growers in the area, then see that the plants are delivered to your door when you need them, at prices lower than you would pay at the retail nursery. All you do is plant them, but remember: green side goes up!

If you already have a plant list, use this form to send it to us for a plant quote.

Project Implementation --

Your time is valuable, and landscape projects can be very time consuming.  If you are not inclined to do the project yourself, Homescaper can act as your advocate as we solicit and review bids from qualified contractors, show up on site at critical points during the installation, and arrange for final walkthroughs with you and the contractor.  These services can be included as part of the landscape design proposal or billed at an hourly rate when you are ready to move forward on the project.

Garden Photography --

Homescaper Garden Photography is a new service.  Photographer Roger Miller's training as a landscape designer, together with his lifetime interest in photography, helps him discern the "bones" of a garden so that he can photograph its most unique attributes.  Please visit the Garden Photography gallery for samples of his work.