The purpose of the Hardscape Plan is to help you focus on all of the aspects of the project that need to be dealt with before the plants go into the ground. The Hardscape Plan includes the detailed information you'll need to budget the project, such as square footages for hardscape and lawn areas, lineal footages for walls and fences, and so forth.  Construction details are shown in a general way, but Oregon law prohibits landscape designers from providing detailed construction drawings.gary_hardscape_plan_small  

At this point, we'll also provide Step-by-Step Installation Guidelines to help you understand what is involved in implementing the design, and the best sequence of steps to help you avoid unnecessary expense as the project moves forward.  We'll set up the installation guidelines to coincide with phasing strategies to meet your priorities and timelines.

You can use the installation guidelines to help you determine how much of the project you want to tackle. Homescaper is not a landscape contractor, but with our network of trusted contractors and vendors we will help you pull together the resources needed to implement the landscape plan.

We are available to answer your questions throughout the length of the project, however long it may take. We want to help you keep the project moving along, but at your pace...the thought of our landscape plan all rolled up and sitting in a corner drives us a little nuts.