We'll assess everything we learned during the initial meeting and any subsequent discussions we've had with you; the information contained in the Your Garden Questionnaire; and the site analysis.  The objective is to take our ideas and experience and combine them with your thoughts, ideas, needs and wants and make it all work within the specific conditions of your site to produce a conceptual drawing.concept_plan

This drawing uses the Site Plan as a base.  All proposed elements (outdoor entertaining spaces, paths, lawn areas, planting beds, screening materials, water features, etc.) will be shown.  We'll sit down with you at this point to review the concept.

We view landscape design as a collaborative process.  The concept is a work in progress and we value your input at this critical stage.  We want to make certain we're heading in the right direction with our garden design...did we pay attention and incorporate the things that are important to you?  Do you like the look and feel of the garden? Is it doable within your budget?

Sunken Patio Concept SketchWe often use photographs or sketches of various design elements to help you visualize what the garden will look like upon completion.  We'll leave the concept with you if you would like some time to "live" with the garden ideas.  We'll make notes of any changes you want to make to the concept and then move on to the Hardscape Plan.