Why Hire A Landscape Designer?

bailey_beforeA good design serves as the basis for a successful landscape project.  It provides a logical approach to solving problems, and what project have you ever worked on where you didn't encounter problems?  Having a landscaping plan to work with from the beginning of the project will help reduce costs later.

Landscape designs help avoid a haphazard, "thrown together" look, and ensure that the right plants are chosen for the right  place in your garden.  Plants with similar cultural needs (such as sun exposure, water and soil requirements) are grouped together to take full advantage of the site and conserve water resources.  We'll choose plants for your landscape plan that require little maintenance and provide four season interest.  Good landscape design can make a small lot look larger, or make a large lot feel more intimate.  We'll look at your property with an objective eye and come up with ideas that you may never have thought of.bailey_backyard_after_installation

Landscaping should be viewed as an investment.  Attractive landscaping increases the value of your home (some experts say up to 15%), and a unique aspect of your landscape is that it gains value over time as the plants mature.  Perhaps most importantly, a beautiful landscape can add to your quality of life and the enjoyment of your home.  A common statement heard from our clients is "Our yard is not very functional or appealing. We just don't use it that much".  We feel our primary goal as a landscape designer is to get you excited about spending more time outside in your garden.

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