Every garden deserves to have a water feature.  The sight and sound of water adds so much to the enjoyment of the garden.  Many homeowners are concerned with the maintenance involved with ponds and larger water features.  A bubbling urn is a wonderful, low maintenance alternative.

You should select a site that is fairly level to begin with, in an area where the water feature can be seen and enjoyed from inside the house, near the deck or patio, etc.  Once you have chosen the site, you should visit your favorite garden store to select the urn or container for your new water feature.  Most urns are ceramic, and will include a pre-drilled hole at the bottom for a coupler and flexible hose.


Many garden stores carry pre-made reservoirs to contain the water, hold the pump and support the urn.  Choose a reservoir that is large enough to firmly support the urn and will hold enough water that you won't need to continually top it off.  The garden center can help you select a pump large enough for the urn and reservoir you have chosen.  They should also have the flexible pipe and other fittings needed to install your bubbling urn.


Dig the hole just wide and deep enough to accomodate the reservoir.  It is esential that the reservoir is level, or the urn will not "bubble" correctly. Once level, backfill with dirt around the reservoir.  Place the pump at the bottom of the reservoir.  Use pier bricks to support the pump if needed.  Connect the pump with the coupler using flexible hose and "c" clamps.

Insert the waterproof coupler in the bottom of the urn.  Place the cover grate over the reservoir and shove the flexible pipe through the opening in the grate.  Install mesh cover over grate.  Carefully set the urn on top of the grate, lean it over so that you can connect the flexible hose to the waterproof coupler with another "c" clamp.  Stand the urn upright on the grate and make certain that it is level.  You may need to add wedges below the urn if it won't sit perfectly level on its own.

Fill the urn and reservoir with water, turn on the pump and make certain that the water spills over the sides of the urn as intended.  Add a few aquatic plants if the reservoir grate will allow, cover the grid with smooth, rounded rocks...and enjoy your new water feature.

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