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How To Install a Flagstone Path

Begin by preparing the site.  Remove sod, weeds, plants, etc. along the path route.  Mark the path perimeters with outdoor marking paint.  Visit your local landscape supply facility and choose the flagstone for your path.  The flagstones should have a level surface and be large enough to accommodate foot traffic, but not so large to be difficult to handle.



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How To Install a Bubbling Urn Water Feature

Every garden deserves to have a water feature.  The sight and sound of water adds so much to the enjoyment of the garden.  Many homeowners are concerned with the maintenance involved with ponds and larger water features.  A bubbling urn is a wonderful, low maintenance alternative.

You should select a site that is fairly level to begin with, in an area where the water feature can be seen and enjoyed from inside the house, near the deck or patio, etc.  Once you have chosen the site, you should visit your favorite garden store to select the urn or container for your new water feature.  Most urns are ceramic, and will include a pre-drilled hole at the bottom for a coupler and flexible hose.


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How To Plant Trees and Shrubs

Modern construction practices have turned the typical home landscape into a man-made "urban" environment.  Our soils in the Pacific Northwest are typically claylike in structure, and they are characterized by the removal of native topsoil, erosion, compaction from construction equipment and foot traffic, altered drainage patterns, and loss of organic material.  Compaction in particular limits the ability of the soil to absorb water and nutrients and makes it difficult for roots to expand.  The absence of organic matter compounds the problem by reducing the plant's access to oxygen, water and essential elements.

Home gardeners therefore face a struggle to establish plant materials in these severely depleted soils. There is no single solution that works in every situation, but most of our soils will benefit from the addition of organic materials to the soil composition.  These soil amendments may be tilled into the soil if the site allows, or added during the planting of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses.

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