Question:  How much does it cost for a landscape design?

 Answer: Homescaper charges by the job rather than by the hour. The price depends upon the size and scope of the project, and each job is unique, but ballpark prices for my landscape plans are $600-900 for the typical size front or back yards only; $1,000-2,500 for entire properties. We make an initial visit to the site to speak with the homeowner. This usually provides enough information to quote a price for the landscape design at that meeting. We always follow up with a written proposal.  There is no charge or obligation for this initial visit.


Question: Do we pay for the cost of the landscape design all at one time?

Answer: We ask for a retainer, typically 1/3 of the cost for my landscape design services, at the beginning of the project.  The second installment is collected upon approval of the Concept, and the balance upon approval of the Planting Plan.


Question: When is the best time to start a landscape project?

Answer:  The landscape design process can start at any time of year.  It usually takes us 5-8 weeks to complete a set of plans once the Site Analysis hase been completed.  However, the implementation of the landscape design can begin upon completion of the Hardscape Plan.  Weather usually plays a significant role in the installation process.  Our Pacific Northwest winters are often too wet for construction or planting.  The middle of summer is often too hot for planting trees and shrubs.


Question:  We like the idea of do-it-yourself landscaping, but we're not sure if we can handle all of it.  Can you help us find people to do some of the work?

Answer:  Absolutely.  All of our clients are given Step-by-Step Installation Guidelines to help them understand what is involved in implementing our garden design.  You can use the installation guidelines to help you determine how much of the project you want to tackle.  Homescaper is not a landscape contractor, but we have a network of contractors and suppliers, and we'll help you pull together the resources needed to implement the landscape plan.


Question:  We aren't sure if we can install the project all at once.  Is it possible to do the work in stages?

Answer:  Most of our clients install their projects in phases over a period of time that fits with their timeframe and their budget.  The landscape plan and installation guidelines are the "road map" to keep you on track during the project.  We set up phasing strategies to coincide with your priorities and timelines.


Question: What geographical area does your firm cover?

Answer:  Homescaper is an Oregon based landscape design firm.  We work primarily within 150 miles of the greater Portland area, which includes the Vancouver, Washington area.  We also serve the northern Oregon coast.


Question: Why do my plants die?

Answer: Wow, is that a loaded question!!  There are an unlimited number of reasons that a plant may die.  A partial list includes: poor soil preparation; poor plant installment procedures; watering issues (over watering, under watering, irrigation system problems); weather (especially cold winters, severe winds) and other acts of God; neglect; pet damage; deer, rabbit, mole damage; disease and pest damage; vandalism; etc.  It is our job as landscape designer to pick the right plant for the right place and help you understand how to plant it and care for it.  We provide each of my clients with a  Garden Owner's Manual to help avoid these problems.

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